#SDE Podcast - Episode 28



1. Have the roles of the man an the woman reversed over the last 50 years, and is that old way of thinking acceptable/applicable, with our generation?

2. Is it appropriate for Christians to raise their kids thinking that there is a Santa Claus?

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#SDE Podcast - Episode 27


A few of our discussion topics below

Craig Mack…has he found God? 

Gospel Singer Kevin Terry caught on video giving a blow job.

Taye Diggs makes comment about black women.


#SDE Podcast - Episode 26


This weeks topics

1. Special guest Chris Crawley speaks about his experiences in the military and provides information on PTSD.

2. Our thoughts on the Incognito and Martin bullying situation w/ the Miami Dolphins.

3. AJ give his review on “Church Clothes 2” by Lecrae.

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#SDE Podcast - Episode 25



1. Pastor Marvin Winans refused to dedicate a baby because the child was born out of wedlock. Was he right for refusing to bless the child?

2. Are you overstepping your boundaries when you speak on something that you know is wrong and people get offended at your response?

"Step Ya Bars Up" Segment: J.A.Z. - "Stop"

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#SDE Podcast - Episode 24


What a jammed packed episode tonight! We kicked it off tonight with special guest, RN, Nan Sentz-Foy. October is a special month that promotes breast cancer awareness so I wanted to accommodate the listeners with a source that could provide insight on this dreadful illness. Mrs. Sentz-Foy schooled us on some of the common causes of breast cancer, programs that assist with the funding of mammogram test, health tips and many other things. This is something that we all need to hear, especially the women! But always remember, in the words of Mrs Sentz-Foy, “Real men wear pink”.

For episode #20 of SDE we spoke about Christian reality shows and a show that was mentioned was the new Preachers of LA television show, that features 5 prominent pastors. The show was not currently airing during our initial discussion so I wanted to revisit it, now that the world has viewed its first two episodes. I called in a little backup this week from my long time friend Pastor Nicholas Worrell to get his thoughts on the show as well. We can feel whatever we want to feel about the show but the the reaction from an actual pastor is priceless! It was a blessing to have “Pastor Nick” on the show.

Lastly, we spoke about a recent video that surfaced of Kanye West bringing a man posing as Jesus on the stage during his concert. There is really no limits to the things that Kanye will do. I would love to see some of your comments about the video. Was he going to far? Even some people in the video think so. #KanyeShrug #ListenUp 

UPDATE!! Kanye explains the reason why he brought “Jesus” on stage and the reason why he can do that. #JesusIsHisHomeboy You agree??

In another part of his interview with Wild 94.9 radio Kanye touched on the subject again and he also spoke about the illumanti and whether or not he feeds into it with his music.

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